Alnwick Spurs

The Hotspur Gin Emporium is the home of Alnwick Spurs, an Official Supporters Club of Tottenham Hotspur. We are proud to be one of the 280 Official Clubs in the world currently, joining the current official supporters clubs in Senegal, Australia, Mongolia. Canada, Ireland, Vietnam, China, Japan, and the USA and many, many more.

We plan to host matches at our venue and a Hotpsur and tonic awaits for every member (wearing a Spurs Shirt!) at every match! Other Official Spurs supporters clubs are welcome to visit on match days by pre-booking with us. If you run an official supporters club and would like to visit us, please email us -

We are proud suppliers of Hotspur Gin to Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. 

So what's the link? It all started way back in the 1400's at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland with Nobleman, Sir Henry Percy, or Hotspur as he was known.

Sir Henry Percy’s nickname Hotspur, or ‘heeatspore’ was given by his enemy, the Scots. It was given to him as he was a fearless leader and was always first in and last out when fighting with the enemy. He was so fierce that it was perceived that his spurs were always on fire as he led his men into battle.

Not many people or fans realise that the ‘Hotpsur’ in Tottenham Hotpsur came from Harry Hotspur at Alnwick Castle. The link is from a battle victory. In 1402 Hotspur inflicted a crushing defeat on a Scot’s army under the new Earl of Douglas at Homildon Hill outside Wooler here in Northumberland. For this victory he was awarded the borough of Tottenham in London by the King. On the 5th of September in 1882 when looking for a name for their new football club, the team, led by Bobby Buckle, selected the name Hotspur due to the historic link and because it tied in with their vision for the club - fearless and skillful on the pitch.

The Hotspur Emporium in the centre of Alnwick is the home of the Offical Supporters Club - Alnwick Spurs. If you would like to sample Hotspur Gin or talk about Spurs, please call in and see us. A warm welcome awaits!

To apply to join Alnwick Spurs, please visit