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Hotspur Gin - Premium Botanicals

The key botanicals used in Hotspur Gin have been carefully selected for their local Northumbrian provenance by our Head Distiller, Mark. Whenever possible, the key elements of bilberry, heather & rose petal are all sourced from/around our home in Alnwick. These distinctive yet subtle ingredients lead the formation of our luxuriously smooth, international-award-wining gin.


Drawing on years of experience of gin production, Mark carefully crafted a flavour that incorporates a selected range of botanicals for a really superior flavour.


The taste of Hotspur Gin is no accident, it took over one year to perfect with a lot of trial and error. We are proud the report that, within a week of being launched, Hotspur Gin won an international award, with the distillery collecting three awards in the same competition. 

We often get asked about the perfect serve for Hotspur Gin; we like it over ice with a simple tonic, chopped blueberries & strawberries with an orange garnish.

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Pink Peppercorns


Rose Petals

Coriander Seeds








Whenever possible we use locally sourced juniper in Hotspur Gin. Hand-foraged on the moors of Northumberland, it has a punchy and aromatic flavour contributing to Hotspur Gin's ultra smooth taste.


Northumbrian moorland heather is crucial in defining Hotspur Gin's distinctive flavour. Considered to be of international significance and native only to the UK, its rich, earthy flavour acts as a wonderful addition contributing to a truly unique gin.


A close relative of the blueberry, bilberry isn't often used as a botanical ingredient within gin but it's one of our favourites! They provide a smooth but sweet flavour to Hotspur Gin and can be found growing naturally in Northumberland.  


Orange is one of the key botanicals in Hotspur Gin. It is crucial in maintaining the ultra-smooth balance that makes our gin special. The powerful aromas and its oil-rich rind make it a great binding agent to bring all of the contrasting ingredients together.

Rose Petals

Rose petals offer a subtle but aromatic addition to Hotspur Gin. The floral undertones counter-balance the earthy, resinous notes and complement the sweetness of the orange peel and pink grapefruit.

Hotspur Gin is owned by the

Pilgrim Spirit Company.

To learn more, or to contact us directly:



Hotspur House

32 Bondgate Without



NE66 1PN

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