8 x Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

8 x Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

SKU: SSIC8 - Personalised

These ice cubes have done nothing but amaze us here in the office, every serious gin connoisseur needs a set of these in their life. They are made from food grade 304 stainless steel and have a very special gel in side them, they are also branded with the Hotspur Gin logo. Even though they are very cool (no pun intended!) and while they look AMAZING, they do actually improve your gin experience… They perfect way to keep you Hotspur Gin at the correct chilled temperature.


‘Sounds good, why stainless steel?’ we hear you ask! 


OK, firstly, Being made from stainless steel means that they don’t melt like normal ice cubes made from water. This means that they don’t dilute your drink, this means that your Hotspur Gin & tonic is perfect every time - there is no dilution and no fluoride (or other) flavours from the melting ice. 


Secondly, being made from stainless steel, with the special gel filling, they stay cooler for way longer than ice in your glass. This means that your Hotspur Gin & tonic should be perfect with every sip!


We would recommend that you use one of the Hotspur Gin stainless steel glasses or tumblers with these as they can break thin glasses if they are ‘dropped’ in from a great a height. Don’t worry though, if you are going to use them in a glass made form glass then we include a free set of tongs so you can lower them in gently and avoid any risk of damage to your glass. They are easy to clean and reusable. Store in the freezer for 3-4 hours prior to each use. 



Personalisation / Engraving

Your message will be engraved centrally on the back of the product you have selected, it will not be visible from the front. The font type used will be ITC Novarese, this is the Hotspur Gin corporate font. It will be engraved in a size that compliments your product. 


PLEASE NOTE - Lead time for shipment is 2-4 days on bespoke engraved products. 


If you are ordering over 10pcs of one item please contact us directly for assistance with your order. Please click here to email the engraving department.

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