Hotspur Gin 70cl

Hotspur Gin 70cl


70CL | 40% ABV | £39.00


Hotspur Gin is the result of one year’s considered botanical experimentation. We devoted a full seasonal rotation to develop an ultra-smooth taste using our carefully selected botanicals at just the right time. Locally foraged heather, bilberry & rose petals are crucial in defining the flavour, contributing to a distinguished dry gin made up of only the finest natural ingredients.


We handcraft Hotspur Gin at every stage, restricting production to micro batches of just 100 bottles to guarantee the correct flavour, tone and balance. In restricting production to such concise volumes we ensure nothing is lost during the production process. The result is a juniper-led dry gin, with crisp citrus flavours and subtle floral notes for a true reflection of Northumberland.

    Hotspur Gin is owned by the

    Pilgrim Spirit Company.

    To learn more, or to contact us directly:

    Hotspur House

    32 Bondgate Without



    NE66 1PN

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